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⇝ 4/5 Appearances “11th Annual Critics Choice Awards (2006)


i was thinking about the last ever episode of supernatural and what would happen and then

the demons have been locked away in hell, the gates closed forever, the angels in heaven, they no longer walk the earth, there may be a few supernatural creatures here and there but theyre dying off quickly

sam and dean are finally happy. they finally have a home. they have so many new friends and they are surrounded by so much love and one night, sam comes home a little late from work, its dark outside and when he gets in to the house, he calls out for dean

he doesnt get an answer, so he looks around the house and realizes that he must have run to the store for some groceries. sam dumps his stuff on the floor and lets himself fall onto his bed, thinking about how happy he is and how things could not be better. this is the life he has always wanted, and he knows how happy dean is too

and then theres the faint feeling of a small drop of something wet landing on his forehead

And then Sam pops open his eyes, only to see Dean holding something over Sam’s head like in that one scene from lion king with Rafiki and Simba at pride rock.  At a closer look, Sam realizes that the wriggling mass in Dean’s hands is a slobbery puppy with its tongue sticking out.

"Surprise, Sammy!" Dean says

And then they all cuddle and are happy for the rest of their days.

the end uwu


Sam, you okay?


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