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Basically everything ended in a whirlwind and so forget periodic livebloggin man ain’t nobody got time for that when ghostie jared and jensen are fallin in love and plot twists everywhere! 

So I finished reading and once again, Amy did not fail to impress the crap outta me and she exceeded all my (high) expectations.  This fic was absolutely perfect. It was a fun, enchanting read that I would recommend to anyone and everyone.  The relationship that Jared and Jensen had was lovely, and Amy wrote it out so well!  Everything occurred naturally, they had each others backs and helped each other and there was sacrifice and gushy playlists everywhereeee.  She also made wonderful use of her side characters, main character/side character and side/side character interactions were perfectly balanced, and of course, her side characters were also written and developed extremely well!

A+++++ 700/10 everyone go read this fic!

museaway said: What even are you reading or watching?

I’m reading this fic  and it’s a J2 AU starring Jensen as the Angsty Teen filled with ManPain and Jared as the ghost who haunts his bedroom <3!

omg missed a few chapters (so mucj excitement)

OMG NO MAC BBY??!?  and then Felicia and gf and BINDING SPELL>!»!

JARED! Boo omg what were you thinkin?

aha right about bathtub 3/3

Light bathtub on fire?  Think that’s how jared’s gonna be set free I feel it in my bones

JARED + JENSEN = BFF omg that whole locker room scene

omg Felicia is da bomb

C H A D <3 and Gen!  what goofballs! <3 <3 <3

"Jensen’s got ninety nine problems and they’re all the dead kid following him around and wanting him to make friends."

aweeeees sheeet Jared tellin Jensen how it is don’t be rude to your mama, boy!

"part-ners" hmmmmmmmmmm                                                                                         

ohlord Jared died from drowning in that tub, didn’t he?  or he thought jensen was gonna actually drown himself ohno. 

"girl whispering ‘Vampire’… and he scoffs, refusing to be that overdramatic about a situation that needs to be dealt with.

“Ghosts,” he grunts aloud, punching each of the letters with individual vigor”   Ohmylawd you’re so presh like grunting the word angrily is somehow gonna change your situation ;u;


omg “this kid can’t be searching for porn, can he?’ I mean with teenage boys who come here to use the computers, it’s usually porn”  d y i n g

Sneaky felicia, turning jensen into a volunteer fufufuffufu


JAred the nice ghost A++

What friend?”


“Oh hell no!” (ohfuck toooooo cute)

cmon jense jared just wants a frienddd

Jensen’s clothes be missin?  Does that include his underwear?  I’d totes steal his undies if I were a ghosite. 


oh my god on the chandelier?? Best ghostie ever.  (Jensen fishing for his underwear is the greatest thing EVER oh my god all the images in my head rn)

"An idiot, sure, a loser and a pathetic waste of space and every other playground insult he can pull, sure. But not forgetful." (jinsen no)

ohmygod JENSEN you perfect qt dweeb my fave my fave so perf dancing and singing and g o s h

fuck I’m freaked out blech I’d start crying I get scared so easily

"This squatter has got to be a sick fuck, that’s for sure." omg fave line right here

The mirror’s foggy and jayred’s gon write on it whooooooooohoohohoo (heck yea 2 for 2!)

heck yea ghosts are real, son ouahhhhh (kick its ass or kiss its ass Jensen hmmm?)

ohmygod.  presh jensen bab, all angsty and shit ouahh.  But dw babu jared will come and he’s technically not alive but he won’t disappoint you?  still a person tho (Amy if you make this uber angsty i s2g….)

JENSEN WEARS GLASSES?!?!!?!  TOO CUTE TOO CUTE ohmygodddddd(mac is all of us?  All of us. C’mon jinsen she didn’t do nothin. [but jensen too research paper under 12 hrs all day everyday])  (Jared defo stole the glasses jjjaaaaayyyyreddddd *vibrates wildly*)

first time it ahppends??? DUNDUNDUNDUNNNNNN

kk, about to start liveblogging giving up the ghost by @dimpleforyourthoughts (lovely lovely amy!) I’ll be tagging all my posts “giving up the ghost” and “liveblogging”, and I’ll be posting probs after each chapter (maybe more)?  and I’ll be posting periodically for the next couple of days? So yea!  Just block those tags if you don’t wanna see ^_^

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