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I like to draw, and I'm learning how to navigate photoshop ^_^
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Here you'll find a lazy slacker who plans to save the world. Fan of SPN, Star Trek, Criminal Minds, Teen Wolf and a slew of other stuff. No hate here, please! I'd highly appreciate it! *hugs and kisses*

Please note, I won't be able to post much of my own stuff, since I have a lot of hard classes and they take up most of my time! Ty so much >.<

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Sam, you okay?


gimmie a fic where it’s just


and everyone loving Sam and stroking his hair and wrapping him up in comfy blankets and thanking him for all he’s done and bringing him tons of puppies and cuddling with him and telling him that nothing was his fault and that he deserves happiness and shouldn’t feel any guilt

this is all I want *makes grabby hands*

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j2 au where jensen and jared are assigned as roommates for a study program except they don’t speak the same language so the entire time is spent speaking absolute gibberish to each other but somehow theyre having conversations and jensen starts learning jareds language in secret and trying really hard and he’s super dyslexic and struggles with words and spelling but he does it because he wants to be able to say “I love you” and have jared know exactly what he means

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